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 Vivian rp

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PostSubject: Vivian rp   Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:23 am

enters the room

: she tucked a strand of loose blonde hair behind her ear as she lent against the hood of dean winchesters "baby". "Viv...no one leans on my baby" Dean did a thumb jerking action meaning to get her butt away from his car. She chuckled...finding it amusing how this man loved a car so much. But nevertheless she moved..leaning against the bricks instead and shuffling a rock with her heel. "Hows Sam?" she asked quietly..she knew it was a touchy subject. Sam had been recovering for a demonic possession..and he wasn't fully himself again. "Hes...Hes hanging in there Viv.." Dean smiled.but his answer held no such truth..it was an empty lie to try and sound positive..she knew that..and she was respectful enough not to push the matter any further with her male friend.

: She ran her fingers through her long locks a moment and gave a small yawn while Dean busied himself starting the engine up on his 67' Impala..she had to admit, it was a fine ride. "Catch you round Viv..go cause some hell" He winked at her with a grin which seemed to make her just laugh softly and shake her head..smiling to herself as he took off down the dusty road. Well now what? Se thought to herself as she stayed against the brick wall, wondering where to go.

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Vivian rp
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