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 Welcome to my World!

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becky morgan

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PostSubject: Welcome to my World!   Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:35 pm

*smiles* this is my world, and i welcome you in !

please please be courteous to each other  as i know you always are !

always let me know when you have picked up a newness, and please do so promptly  and ! be sure to let me know if i need to fix anything (did i spell your name wrong?!)

about size....everything i offer will be 425 high.   if you would like a different size, i am happy to make the adjustment! please simply let me know.  
do i mind if you make an avie that i have made smaller with codes? no that is fine...
do i mind if you make it bigger the same way? yes, very much please dont... just... dont... let me know that you wish a larger size

is there something you would like to see?  let me know!  have a special request or an image you found that you love?  be sure to make frequent use of my request board !

thank you for being here, i really appreciate it so much!


we must select the illusion that appeals to our temperament and embrace it tightly...if we want to be happy
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Welcome to my World!
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