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elegant notion
elegant notion

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PostSubject: Pyralis   Sun May 27, 2018 6:01 pm

[1] Name: Pyralis
[2] Quote/Extra Text:
- There is no Desire..Without that Burning Desire.
- She's Fire and Ice. You'll fear the cold and Crave the burn.
- You set my soul on Fire..Now I'm burning up from My desire.
- Thou Art To Me A Delicious Torment.
- It's always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.
[3] Size:
VP: 150 x 150
SIG: 700 x 250
AV: 800 x 525
[4] Mods & Images: Random Redheads (NSFW/K)
Do you need any modifications on the model? No
Images: https://roleplayevolution.com/galleries/minah/thumbnails.php?album=88
[5] Realm/Setting: BDSM RP
[6] Details: Pyralis is my BDSM Persona now... She was once a fallen broken type girl that has had her Fire stoked to the point she is very bold... dangerous even...Pyralis gets her name from the Fire that has been dangerously sparked within her core. Love anything that can show a side of her that is very sexy and dangerous.. Submissive... but also not one to be triffled with.
[7] Colors & General Theme: Love the Hawt Dark Sexy looks.. Nothing straight black and white.. If you make something Black and White please please put a splash of color somewhere. Love Skulls...Flames...Fire..Smoke...Anything Dark..Sexy and Dangerous...Submissive..
[8] Extras: If the model image already has the vibrant red hair.. please please keep the hair that vibrant red.... with her name being related to her own growing 'Fire'.. the redhead signifies that 'flame' within her...Thank you.


[1] Name: Caecilia
[2] Quote/Extra Text:
Madness is like gravity, all it needs is a little....Push!
Sometimes the most dangerous predator is the one you can't see.
[3] Size:
VP: 150 x 150
SIG: 700 x 250
AV: 800 x 525
[4] Mods & Images: Random Redheads
Do you need any modifications on the model? No
Images: https://roleplayevolution.com/galleries/minah/thumbnails.php?album=86
[5] Realm/Setting: Gorean
[6] Details: Cilia is a Karian who now lives in a Camp like setting. She is a Thief and very dark natured. She recently was given back her Freedom from being Captive of an Assassin. Though she is now free again Her experience with the Black Caste Member has changed her..Though she is free of his steel.. She isn't fully free of him and still holds a contract that binds her life to him if she doesn't follow what he wishes. She is one that hides her appearance. Very quiet but she is not afraid to speak up if something bothers her.
[7] Colors & General Theme: Dark..Dangerous...Mysterious..Grungy...If you do black and white designs please add a splash of red in the creation so it at least has that color pop. Nothing Girly.. Nothing bright and neon.. If the model's hair is Red I do perfer it to keep that vibrant red look in the creation if possible. Her red hair is a symbol of who she is and goes with her feiry temper.
[8] Extras: I do request that if the model image you use is one of the one's where the hair isn't already red.. Please make the AV a black and White Style with just the splash of Red. BUT if the hair is already red.. please please keep it that way. Thank you.
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