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collided reality
collided reality

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.Deeds. - preferences Empty
PostSubject: .Deeds. - preferences   .Deeds. - preferences I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2018 4:23 am

Name: Deeders. Dee on vp

Extra Text: Lost Inside Her Dirty Head

Dirty. Naughty. Freak
Natural Born Sinner
Find Order In Your Chaos
I'm not the Monster you think I am. I'm the Monster you wanted me to be.
.Beautiful Chaos.
It's My right to be hellish
Agony Brings No Reward

Size: AV - 700 x 500. Yes I love board sets please. Sig's no bigger than 700 x 275 please.

Colors, Themes: Grungy, alt. Wild. Likes purples, blues, reds, silver, gold, teal, black, grey

Models: Riae Suicide. Miss Mischief. Katherine Suicide.  Love Sassy t-shirts saying, Flipping the bird, beanies, hats with sassy sayings. Ripped Jeans, Docs, I love Blue, Red, Green, Black, Purple, Hair. No blondes please. I just do not wear blondes.


The Extra Gravy: ravens, wolves, skulls, upside down crosses, hanging lights, candles, pentagrams. dreamcatchers, Ouija board, Haunted houses, ruined cities, Sky, staircases, flicks of flame, fire, splattered blood on the face, arms, splattered blood in the background Forest settings. Space. Stars, Bullet Holes, Dungeons, Whips, Chains, Belts, NSFW - I love very raunchy av's as well for private play. swirls, I love added wings and even added horns.

I would wear, submissive poses with edge ! esp, showing ass, I do like tits showing off, n wear a lot of nsfw/k.

Dislikes - Pink/Orange/Yellow, & chunky fonting.

OCC- BDSM. General chatting. Board.
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.Deeds. - preferences
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